Pain in back of knee

The knee is the biggest joint of our body and of course a complex one. It is made up with muscles, bones, ligaments and tendons. It supports most of the body weight while walking, running and jumping. So, it is no wonder why a lot of people suffer from knee injuries.

If you take proper rest and care, you can heal most of the knee injuries on your own. There are some serious injuries that may require surgery and some other medical interventions. It may also happen that, knee pain occurs because of arthritis, especially when the knee is gradually damaging over time.

So, it is very important to understand the cause of pain behind the knee and take necessary steps to get rid of it.

Facts about Pain In Back of Knee

Before going for a broad discussion read below mentioned quick facts regarding pain in back of knee;

  • There Are So Many Causes of Pain behind the Knee
  • Early Treatment Can Prevent Serious Knee Injuries
  • Knee Pain Can Also Occur Because Of Fatigue or Not Performing Stretching Before Workout and Exercise
  • Most of the Knee Pain Heals By Itself If Proper Care Is Taken

These are the quick facts of knee pain. Read below to learn more about pain in the back of knee.

Causes of the Pain

Causes of Pain behind the KneeThe knee consists of several muscles, ligaments, arteries, nerves, and bones. It also contains synovial fluid which lubricates the joints. For different reasons, these components can be damaged permanently or temporarily and cause pain. Most of the short-term pain comes from the muscle behind the knee and can be healed with careful massaging. Read below to learn more about different causes of pain in the back of knee;

Inflammation Issues

Most of the knee pain happens because of inflammatory causes. These causes include Arthritis, Infection and an excess amount of fluid production.


ArthritisArthritis is the most common, yet less understood condition which causes different types of joint pain and knee disease. There are around 100 types of arthritis available and people of all ages can fall victim of it. Most of the arthritis are related to joint pain and can cause serious irritation to knee which leads to injury and pain.


InfectionThe knee fluid can also be affected by bacteria which may cause swelling, redness and finally pain. In a similar way, the bones and muscle behind the knee can be infected and cause pain in back of the knee.

Excessive Fluids and Bakers Cyst

Bakers CystSometimes too much synovial fluid can be produced because of different types of inflammation and injury. This excessive fluids can be transformed into cysts in the back of the knee and causes Bakers Cyst which affects the knee and causes pain.

Trauma Issues

Both small and large traumatic injuries can cause pain in the back of the knee. The related term I used here is micro and macro where micro refers to small trauma and macro refers to larger trauma.

Micro Trauma

Small injuries like strains, tears and gradual tear and wear can affect muscle, bones, and ligaments. This can cause long-term chronic pain in both back and front of the knee.

Macro Trauma

Most large injuries that fracture bones and affect other ligaments certainly cause pain in the knee.

Alignment Issues

Mechanical Causes of Pain In Back Of KneeKnee pain may also occur because of wrong orientation and alignment of the knee as well as other parts of our body including the foot and hip. Lack of strength and flexibility in your muscle also causes improper alignment. This can also happen while, walking, running and exercising. These mechanical problems cause inflexibility in muscle movement resulting pain in back of knee.

These are the main cause of knee pain. However, knee pain can also occur for many other different reasons. If you cannot identify the problem and your pain last longer than a week, you should visit your doctor.

How to Get A Quick Relief?

Tips of Quick ReliefIf it is not severe injury most of the knee pain heals automatically if you take rest and care. However, there are also some tips you can impose to have quick relief of your knee pain. Remember, these are not permanent solutions and if you find your pain is continuously happening, do not hesitate to get a doctor’s recommendation.

  • The first and most effective way to have a relief from the knee pain is to take rest. Rest the knee as much as you can.
  • Cold water and ice are known remedies for the pain of most kinds. Hold ice for around 10 to 20 minutes several times a day.
  • You can also use a compression bandage to provide support to the knee. Make sure the bandage is not too tight.
  • Elevate your painful knee on one or more pillows.
  • It is not a good idea to release pressure on the knee when you are having pain. It prolongs the recovery period. So, to have quick relief, use crutches to take the weight off your knee.
  • To get rid of the pain you can also take anti-inflammatory non-steroidal drugs, such as naproxen, ibuprofen and aspirin. However, it is best to consult with a physician before taking any drugs.

These are the methods of quick relief if you are a victim of pain in back of knee. However, do not hesitate to visit the doctor if you find your knee pain is not going away, as it might be more serious.

When to Look for A Doctor?

Not every knee pain is serious and most of the minor injury and arthritis can be treated at home. However, do not hesitate to see your doctor if you find any of this;

  • The Affected Leg Has Become Very Swollen
  • The Affected Leg Turned Red
  • Heavy Pain in the leg
  • You have Blood Clots Before
  • Frequent Fevers occurred Because Of the Pain
  • There Is a Change Appeared In Your Knee Joint
  • Your Leg Can’t Hold Your Weight

These symptoms indicate that you might have a serious injury. Visiting is a doctor is highly beneficial as they can understand the symptoms and determine the main cause of your pain.

Available Treatments

Pain behind Knee TreatmentKnee pain can be treated in several ways based on the condition and type of knee pain. It is best to take precautions before going for the treatment. For the list of the treatment of pain in back of the knee read below;


Medication is the first and the easiest way to treat severe knee pain. Based on the pain type and its origin a physician can prescribe medicine, which you need to take according to the prescribed manner.

And do not forget to visit your doctor after a certain period of time to evaluate the current situation.

Physical Therapy

Physical Therapy for Your Knee PainSometimes physical therapy can be very fruitful removing knee pain. Physical therapy strengthens the knee muscles and makes it more stable. Getting physical therapy also guarantees no further worsening of the injury and it helps to avoid smaller injuries as well.

Prescribed Injections

You might be benefited if you take prescribed injections. Certain situations also need injecting medication into the knee. Some injections are good for pain related to arthritis and some are related to the synovial fluids which help to movement issues.


There are several types of knee operations ranging from partial to talarthroscopic knee surgery. Arthroscopic knee surgery is the most common type of knee surgery. In these types of surgery, physicians use a small hole and a small camera to look inside. If any parts are needed to be repaired or replaced they perform the surgery.

Knee Replacement

Knee ReplacementIf the situation is very serious and the knee is beyond treatment, you should replace the partial part of the full knee. In a partial knee replacement metal and plastic parts are used to replace the damaged parts.

For a full knee replacement, the whole knee is replaced with an artificial joint.

These are the most common treatment for knee pain. However, it is not mandatory to have these treatments if your knee pain is just an ordinary pain. In that case, enough rest and homemade care are sufficient to get relief from the knee pain.


Knee pain has become more common among people of all categories. Although most of the pain in the back of knee is not severe and curable at home, some are serious requiring doctor’s attention. At first, try to understand the cause of your knee pain and try homemade remedies. If the pain still exists for a week or more seek medical attention.

I believe reading this document is quite helpful to understand the pain in the back of knee. I also believe that you got sufficient ideas about different reasons for knee pain and their treatment procedure. If you find anything to ask, feel free to write back!


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