Acne is not a rare skin condition. Almost everyone has acne in between the ages of 10 to 30 due to hormonal changes in most of the cases and there might be some other reasons. So, it’s normal to have pimples but this can turn out to be the worst if acne affects not only the face but also whole-body including neck, back and chest in extreme cases. And, one may confront to unbearable pain due to the outbreak of pimples.

I know a girl who suffered from severe acne for nearly 5 years. It went too far that nobody saw her without makeup during these days. She tried almost every medicine and beauty care products, nothing worked. Then a doctor investigated her food habits and discovered that she used to live on fast foods and soda. She controlled the intake of foods that cause acne, and now her acne problem is under control. What food causes pimples? Read more to know about all the food items that are responsible for acne.

What types of foods causes acne?

There are different types of food items that are mainly responsible for the development or triggers of acne. And some other food items are yet to be discovered to be held responsible for acne. Refined carbohydrates, dairy products, sweeteners, sodas, chocolates, fast food, some vegetables, and fruits etc. are the proven reason behind the development of acne on human skin.

Carbohydrates are an integrated part of our diet plan. But, too much consumption of refined carbohydrates may promote the breakout of pimples on your skin. Bread, white rice, cereal, white flour etc. are the major ingredients and foods that contain refined carbohydrates.

Sugars and other sweeteners such as cane sugar, honey, agave, maple syrup, sodas, and other sweetened beverages are also responsible for developing acne. People who regularly consume such foods pose a risk of getting pimples 30% greater than those who avoid sugars and sweeteners.

Dairy products are significantly good for human health. But you have to control the consumption of dairy products to get clear and healthy skin. Cheese, mayonnaise, desserts, ice-creams, milk chocolates, milkshakes etc. that are made from milk should be considered to fight acne.

It’s really tough to minimize the intake of different fast food items due to the mouthwatering taste. But, pizza, pasta, French fries, sausages, burgers, nuggets, hotdogs etc., almost all types of fast food promotes the growth of pimples. So, eat carefully and look before you leap.

We all know fruits and vegetables are essential for a healthy diet. But, a few of these are foods that trigger acne. Spinach, carrots, peach, guava, star apple, plum, mango, litchi, pomegranate are some of the popular fruits and vegetables which have joined the team of foods that make acne worse.

Foods that cause acne

Wondering what food causes pimples? We have gathered a comprehensive list of foods that make you break out. You don’t need to stop eating these food items, only a controlled intake of them should be good enough to improve the skin condition regarding acne. In some sensitive cases, one may have to avoid a particular food/group of food to get clearer skin. Go through the following list of foods and fruits that cause acne.


Spinach will surely rank top in the list of beneficial green leaves. It is rich in iron content and good for the people who want to improve their skin conditions. But, excess of anything is bad. Spinach also contains iodine that has the ability to lead to the development of acne on human skin. So, don’t overeat spinach. Control its intake and eat it in moderation regularly.


Milk is considered one of the most nutritious and essential foods for our body. But many studies have proved that milk and dairy products have a close link to the development of acne condition. It is one of the major foods that cause acne in adults and teenagers. The risk of having acne increase if you consume skim milk. Scientists aren’t still sure about what elements in milk promotes the growth of pimples. It could be the hormones the cows produce during pregnancy or the amino acids available in skim milk.


Cheese is a dairy product which implies that it already has the attribute of milk. Cheese has been used extensively in different fast food items. Consumption of cheese is highly risky for those who have acne issues. It has steroids that can increase the possibility of developing acne.

Peanut butter

Peanut is good for health but too much ingestion of it may lead you to the development of acne. Peanut is difficult to digest. Besides, peanut butter contains milk and thick paste of peanut which makes it a bad choice to eat if you want to get rid of acne or pimples.


You love the amazing taste of pancakes for sure. But it can promote the growth of acne drastically. It includes the use of sweet syrup and carbohydrates in the preparation process. Both sugar and carbs are bad for skin health. So, practice restraint and avoid eating these cakes to get healthy skin.

Ice Cream

Who doesn’t love eating ice cream on a hot summer day? But this is one of the worst foods for acne. Ice cream is responsible for bad acne breakout. Ice cream contains both milk and sugar in great quantity. That’s why buying ice cream means you’re inviting acnes to your skin. So, control the likelihood for ice cream and avoid eating them at all if possible.


Brace yourself! You’re going to hear disheartening news. Your favorite chocolate is one of the culprits that can make you suffer from acne. A major study has proved the link between chocolates and the development of acne quite evidently. But darker chocolates are less harmful to the skin as they have more antioxidants and less milk and sugar.


Peach is one of the fruits that cause acne. It is sweet and beautiful but that wouldn’t help you get clear and better skin. It is hot and hard to digest and highly prohibited for a pregnant woman. It also causes itching, burning throat, and acne. So, one should avoid eating peaches or eat in moderation to stay away from acne attack.


This fragrant fruit is simple to eat and delicious, but it can cause acne breakouts and rashes. One should limit the consumption of this food to get healthier skin free from the uninvited presence of pimples.


Your doctor must have told you to eat guavas. Yes, it is so rich in Vitamin C that every physician includes it in the diet plans. But it is forbidden for the people who have constipation. Overeating of guava can lead to acne and pimples.

Star Apple

This is one of the common fruits in Vietnam. Its delicious and easy to eat but it is too hot to be eaten regularly. It causes constipation. If you eat the star apple peel, you may get acne or pimples as a side effect. So, eat them in moderation.


Plum is essential for health as it contains Vitamin A. plum seeds are also rich in nutrients like protein, phosphorus, iron, potassium, etc. So, the consumption of palms can help the body greatly. Overeating of plum can increase the heat of the body and pregnant woman may develop rashes and pimples if they eat plums too much.


Mangoes are great in terms of taste and nutrition values. It is good for overall health and helps increase brain power. But, too much consumption of mango can increase the temperature of the body and teenagers become more prone to acne and pimples after eating ripe mangoes. It is recommended to limit the consumption of ripe mangoes.


Litchi comprises high sugar content. It also has a hot property that promotes the development of acne and pimples. One should avoid overeating this fruit to get rid of severe acne breakouts.


Apple juices have so many benefits such as preventing diarrhea and constipation, ensuring good digestion etc.  However, apples come with a lot of sugar and potassium. This has an adverse effect on the skin and helps the consumer develop acne and pimples. Besides, people suffering from heart diseases, kidney diseases and diabetes should avoid eating apples too much.


Pomegranate is highly recommended by the doctors due to the richness in sugar, vitamins, and minerals. It has great efficacy while treating rectal prolapse, diarrhea, sore throats etc. but overeating of this fruit can cause you to grow acne. It promotes the development of acne because it is highly rich in sugar. That’s why one should eat it in moderation despite the benefits this fruit can offer.


The effect of eating nuts on acne breakouts is yet to be revealed. Some people hold it responsible for acne development where some other suggests eating it to fight against acne. As there is no concrete evidence about its ability to control acne, it’s better not to eat nuts with a hope to get healthy skin with fewer pimples.


Sushi contains rice and other glycemic components. High glycemic food can increase the potentiality of acne breakouts. It triggers the pimples by encouraging an inflammatory response and increasing the release of acne-promoting hormones. So, one should avoid sushi in order to get clearer and healthier skin.


Bacon is greasy food. This type of greasy foods are one the man reasons for oily skin which ultimately results in acne breakouts. You should eat bacon and other red meat in moderation to create resistance against the growth of acne.


If you are seeking the answer to your question- what foods cause acne? Shrimps will surely come up as a response. Shrimps are highly allergen and cause pimples and rashes to skin. The peel of shrimps triggers acne condition, moreover, shrimps contain iodine which isn’t good for skin. That’s why limiting the consumption of shrimps is a must to stay away from the grave suffering caused by serious acne.


The main ingredients of sausages are starch filler like breadcrumbs and meats from any animal, especially from pork. Meat and breadcrumbs both ingredients are acne friendly. Fatty meat and carbohydrate bread trigger the development of acne. So, stay away from sausages to keep your skin clear.

Caffeine Drinks

If you’re a coffee lover, you are not going to like it. Caffeine drinks such as coffee is unhealthy for the skin. Drinking coffee and alcohol too much can activate the cortisol hormone too much which is actually the stress hormone. And, this stress will ultimately result in pimples. So, drink coffee, wine, beers, alcohols, and other addictive drinks in a very little amount to get smooth skin.


Inflammation in the body contributes to weight gain and sometimes contribute to the development of chronic diseases. Sugar is one of the inflammatory foods. Hence, drinking sugar can trigger the growth of pimples to a great extent. Sodas and other sweetened beverages contain sugars in a significant amount. It also has a high glycemic index which causes a spike to the blood sugar. All these things combinedly help the skin develop pimples easily. The American Academy of Dermatology cites a possible case which states that high glycemic index has a negative impact on skin and causes acne.

Canned Foods

Canned foods comprise unhealthy chemicals very often. They are tasty but not healthy. Consumption of canned foods can aggravate the outbreak of acne. One should eat canned foods as less as possible.


Maybe popcorns are your constant compadre in the movie hall. But popcorns has trans-fat and starch in it. moreover, some modern preparation of popcorns includes dairy products too. These food items are not good for skin and one may develop acne due to the overconsumption of these food items.

Corn, sunflower, and soybean

If your diet contains foods that are rich in omega-6 fatty acids, that will increase the levels of inflammation and acne. Corn, sunflower and soybean are rich in omega-6 fatty acids. So, consuming these foods means that you’re consuming omega-6 acids which will eventually aggravate the growth of acne.

Burgers and Pizza

Pizza and burgers are probably your go-to choice whenever you visit any restaurant or fast food shop. But these oily and spicy foods can cause a severe ace outbreak. Pizza and burgers are associated with dairy products like cheese and mayonnaise. Besides, these fast foods are high in saturated fat. According to several types of research, fast foods, especially burgers and pizzas have an adverse effect on the skin and promote the development of acne.

French fries and potato Chips

French fries and potato chips both type of foods contain high glycemic foods. French fries are fried in deep oil and are fatty and greasy. Potato chips are also rich in saturated fat and spices. Moreover, those foods can trigger a hormonal response that causes acne to stay firmly on the skin. So, we should avoid eating such highly processed foods or limit the consumption of these fast food items.

Bagels, pasta, and white bread

Bagels, pasta, white bread, all these three food items have originated from a similar kind of grains. They have refined carbohydrates that rank high in the glycemic index. A high glycemic diet accelerates the growth of acne. Besides, these foods have an impact on the skin’s aging process of an individual. That’s why we should eat carefully to include low-glycemic foods for better health and skin.


Refined carbohydrates, sugars, dairy products, fast foods, sugary beverages, and a few fruits and vegetables are foods that cause acne. You should be conscious enough to avoid or limit the consumption of foods from the above list.  One can create a healthy balance in the diet to fight acne by adopting an anti-acne diet containing food items. Foods that have anti-inflammatory and anti-bacterial property along with antioxidants are suitable to earn a spot in our regular diet plan. One can enjoy clearer skin by controlling the intake of acne friendly food items and eating more plants.


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