Developing overweight is not good for health at all. Excessive weight triggers other diseases like diabetes, blood pressure, heart diseases, social stigma, bullying in job place and many other things. So, reducing weight is a major concern of people who are obese or have excess weight.

However, weight loss is not a simple issue. It is not an issue like you take certain medication for sometime and then your weight will drop drastically.

The issue of weight loss is a complex issue since there are a lot of factors that play a vital role in it. Some of these noticeable factors are your BMI or body mass index, the amount of fat accumulated in your body, your diet, your metabolic rate(the rate at which your body burns calories to convert calories into energy), your meal timing, your food intake, hormone level and your sleep pattern. All of these factors have direct or indirect impacts on weight loss. Amidst such complexity of weight loss issue, one can reasonably doubts that is a particular product or type of products such as energy bars can help to reduce weight? Let us find the answer.

Are Energy Bars Helpful to Reduce Weight?

Energy bars are convenient, easy to carry and eat and ensures that they do not contain much calories. But do they really helpful to shed extra weight? The proponents of energy bars argue that certain brands of energy bars are good alternatives to heavy meals like lunch or dinner. So, you can skip your lunch or dinner for some time with energy bars and thus lessen your calorie intake.

They also pointed out that nutrition bars have healthy carbohydrates and fiber and some are fortified with protein too. So, energy bars can replace your heavy meals. But what they either deliberately or unknowingly missed that nutrition bars have high sugar content and loaded with trans fats that are equally damaging to your health like eating junk or unhealthy fast-food.

So, we believe what supporters of energy bars or nutrition bars are telling that the eating snacks can curb gaining weight is a hype. If you’re looking to lose weight, you need to stay away from eating energy or nutrition bars daily. However, you can eat them once in a while, but make sure you buy the right energy bar that is actually rich in the right micro and macronutrients and low in sugars and overall calories. One certain complain you will make is that the healthy energy bars that is low in calories do not taste good. Yes, we do not repute it. But what they will do is that they will provide you the necessary energy and nutrition without derailing your weight loss journey.

How to Choose Nutrition Bars When You Are in a Weight Loss Program?

Nutrition bars are one of your favorite snacks. However, you are in a weight loss program and that means you need to lessen your appetite for energy bars. Eating less means you still need to purchase some energy bars. Below are a few tips when it is about buying some nutrition bars

Opt for nutrition bars made from healthy cereals like oats, and high-fibre foods like seeds, nuts, as well as nut butters

Purchase nutrition bars that have low sugar content. Go for a bar that contains no more than 10 gm of sugar per bar.

Pick nutrition bars that contains more dried fruits like raisins, apricots, dates as these bars will be naturally sweeter and healthier.

Do not deceive with buying  ‘sugar-free’ nutrition bars as these often contain sugar alcohols, which are harmful for your health.

If you want to include a protein bar in your weight loss program, check for the protein to carbohydrate ratio in the bar. In ideal protein bar, the ratio of protein to carb will be 1:1 while in energy bar this ratio will be 1:4 where 1 implies protein and 4 represents carb. Basically, protein bar is better than that of energy bar when it is about losing weight.


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